FAPQ’s: Frequently Asked Penis Questions

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As the lone female correspondent and curator for Locker Room Doctor (LRD) much of what I do involves Googling men’s health topics – usually while sitting in wi-fied coffee shops, laptop to laptop with my fellow Millenials.  And though I know that we’re not supposed to judge people by the cover of their book (wait…do I have that saying right?) I also know that there’s a tendency for most of us to make assumptions about people based on their reading material.  I mean, I’m pretty confident that the guy over there has a People Magazine inside his copy of War and Peace. I’m also sure the lady next to me reading the Anger Management 101 website is….I’m just going to move to another table.  That’s better. My point is, as I scour the internet for all things andrological, I can only imagine the narratives my cafe colleagues will come up with if they catch a glimpse of the articles I’m scanning. Especially the ones with pictures.

My most recent hard-hitting assignment: survey frequently asked questions (more commonly known as FAQ’s) from popular and legit men’s health sites. I was pretty certain I knew in advance what I would find. It takes a lot for me to go “Whaaa…?”, but even I was surprised by the sheer number of FAPQ’s – as in, Frequently Asked Penis Questions.  Most are of the What’s normal? variety: What size is normal? Is it normal that it’s curved? Is it normal that my erections don’t last very long/last too long/don’t exist?

The Am I normal issue is probably at the root of a lot of health googling – regardless of gender – but there’s something extra-special about the diversity of penis questions being asked.

Here are some of my favourite FAPQ’s. Hopefully they can help our LRD followers better understand their little man…not that it’s little…you’re probably totally normal…er…whatever check out these sites:

Men’s Health Forum: The Tool-Kit: how to look after your tackle

Highlights include:

NHS Choices: Your Penis

Highlights include:

So, if you happen to sit next to someone whose laptop is displaying anatomically-accurate, triple-X-level explicit images, don’t be too quick to judge, she might just be doing her job!

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