Should you ice, ice baby?


So obviously you don’t want to ice the puck but should you ice your sprain from last night’s game?

This one’s tricky and there is lots of debate out there. Your decision about whether to slap a bag of frozen peas on your ankle should probably depend on whether your goal is short term or long term.

Want to take down the swelling and reduce the pain? Evidence suggests icing works pretty well here.

Trying to reduce your recovery time or speed up healing? The evidence here is little less straightforward. A 2015 Australian study which looked at rats (so we have to be careful about applying the results to us human-types) suggests icing isn’t your best bet for healing.  In this Macleans article, Aaron Hutchins (@hutchins_aaron) argues that it may be the End of The Ice Age .

One thing is clear,  just resting, icing aren’t cure-alls.  Light activity, respecting your body’s limits and, if necessary, talking to a doctor (maybe there’s one in your locker-room?) or physiotherapist can all help you get back in the game.


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