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  • Rob 3 years ago

    My Vasectomy was great and I felt awesome a day or two later. I made the mistake of not taking it as easy as I should have and started to get that ache you feel when you’ve been flicked or hit lightly in the testicles! It did go away after a few days.

    I’m not going to lie, I didn’t do the follow up visit. Since that was 12 years (of unprotected sex) ago, I’m pretty sure the surgery worked! (I’m NOT suggesting I was in any way smart by skipping the follow up!)

    One last thing… a couple of years ago I got a lump on the side of my scrotum. It was painful and I went to the doctor and then for an ultrasound. It turned out it was a granuloma, a build up of sperm and it went away on it’s own. From time to time it comes back a little and then goes away again but my doctor tells me this is a normal side effect of a vasectomy. My co-worker has the same problem so don’t let anyone tell you it’s completely without side effects!

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